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Catherine Bearder MEP: ‘Brexiteers lied to us. We want our country back’

Catherine Bearder on cracking form in the European Parliament.

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“Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?”

Here is a neat explanation for you to share with anyone who wants to know. It was created by Damn Fine Media, which is run by two former BBC producers.


Video: Guy Verhofstadt on #EURef position negotations

Guy Verhofstadt MEP, leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe has commented on the ongoing negotations between the UK and other EU heads of government over the terms of a reform deal to keep the UK in the EU.

My press point on the ongoing negotiations on the UK's position in the EU #EUref

Posted by Guy Verhofstadt on Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Broadcast that underlines one of Tim’s big themes – the right to a decent home

The right for everyone to have a decent home is emerging as one of the big themes of Tim Farron’s leadership. It is the subject of his first Party Political Broadcast as leader, which you can view below. As well as packing a punch in terms of the theme, it is also a well presented broadcast. Tim is relaxed and seems normal.

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LDVideo: Dorothy Thornhill for Watford

Dorothy Thornhill from Think About It Films on Vimeo.

As a resident, a mayor, a teacher and a mum, I’ve been involved with our town for nearly 40 years. You know me – I can’t pull the wool over your eyes, but there’s no quick fix and I’m not a miracle worker, but I can be a strong practical passionate woman for Watford in Parliament.


LDVideo: Dialogue over Division

The politics of the Devil’s songs is easy, anyone can do that … but the politics of releasing the better angels of our nature – that’s much tougher.


LDVideo: Crosstalk with Jeremy Thorpe (BBC1, 24 March 1974)

With thanks to Ed Stradling, here’s a 40 minute interview between Jeremy Thorpe and Richard Crossman, originally broadcast on BBC1 on 24th March 1974.

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    An interesting article and thread as have been those by Tony Greaves. Many Lib Dems throughout the length and breadth of this land have been...
  • User Avatarpaul holmes 24th Jun - 8:59pm
    Matthew. The Liberal Party had none of the 'DUP advantages' you refer to in Feb 1974 but they refused to go into a bad Coalition...
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    Yes, Layla, you are absolutely right, we must have a contest. I see people again starting to suggest it is not a necessity. Yes it...
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    MSM is pretty much in the pocket of Westminster. Never allow the Tories to "steal the flag".
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    Well I'm sure a lot of Lib/dem social groups have much fun. After wading through war memories and football analogies, perhaps all this philosophical clap...
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    Matthew Huntbach- am I a Donald Trump supporter? God forbid. But I fully supported Bernie Sanders.
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